Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fan Expo 2011

Luckily I was able to make it down to FanExpo this past Sunday.  It was a pretty swell time.  I mainly went to get Tom Felton's autograph, but in the end got a photo op with him and also went to the Q&A.  He's a pretty nice chap.  I didn't take too many photos at the convention as my hands were almost always full and I spent most of the day standing in lines, but here are some of the ones I did manage to get!

 Here's the cosplay I chose to wear down.  I picked it simply because it's my most comfortable to walk around in.  However it did prove to be quite warm when I was in the tight packed crowds.  I think I may also have scared a kid or two purely by looking their way, oh and Tom Felton probably thought I was a total weirdo as well, but oh well.  Gotta be yourself right?

These are some of the robots from the upcoming Real Steel.  Unfortunately the trailer for this movie pretty much tells the whole story, and makes me cringe to boot.  Despite this I still have an urge to watch some robots kick the crap out of each other so I may just have to see it...not in theatres though :P.

I really enjoy this model of Abin Sur.  The Green Lantern movie was kind eeeegh, but I did feel the aliens in it looked pretty well done.  Especially Sinestro, he was pro. 

Couldn't resist snapping a shot of this giant Lego Hagrid.  Super props go out to whoever put this together.

I thought this costume of Hawkman was really well done.  I don't particularly enjoy the character, but I can appreciate a good costume all the same.  I would absolutely die to see a well done Martian Manhunter, but that'll probably never happen.

 And I had to ask this Rufio for a photo, just because, it's Rufio, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen something so cool before. 

And last but not least, the swag.  My lovely autograph from Tom Felton.  It was really cool meeting him, unfortunately though so many people were there to see him that everything was really rushed.  The photo op especially.  I can't blame them really, wanting to get through everyone quicker, but I don't feel like I really met him!  Not to mention the fact that I'm not terribly social with people I don't know.  All the same it was nice to be there, he was very kind.  It must have been a very tiring three days for him, I imagine resulting in some serious hand cramps.  Someday I'd love to be able to actually sit down and have a real chat with some of the Potter cast.

I guess the next events on the way are Dot-con in November, D-Tac, and Con-G.  Hopefully I can make it to at least one of those.


Monday, August 22, 2011


Just this past Saturday was Potterfest here in London.  I had a good time, and dressed up in my Slytherin cosplay.   The turnout was a lot greater than expected.  Props go out to Robert Watson for organizing the event, I hope you keep it going in the years to follow.  I've got lots of photos of various things like cosplay progress and swag and so on.  

 The first 100 attendees got a copy of this letter signed by JK Rowling!

 A chocolate frog!  These were really tasty...my first one melted a lot before I could nibble on it, and it still tasted fantastic!

 Zack won this for his Lupin costume, a time turner!  I stole it because I love it and I made his costume :)  (he actually gave it to me, but I would have stolen it otherwise :P)
 A hand knit Slytherin bow I purchased!

 A wand pouch I bought so I can carry my wand around in style.

 The ticket!

 A complete photo of my swag, without the letter and chocolate frog.  There's some bubbles, playing cards, a sticker, a plastic frog toy, and the narnia book was given out to all adult participants in the costume contest.  All around a good haul.  Nothing better than free stuff from an event! :)  Now onto cosplay...

 My two snake rings!  I bought one at the Folk Festival and the other at Sunfest.  Together they made my hand quite slytherin.

 Some robe detailing...I sewed the entire robe myself, the cording was the most annoying part by far.  I used a satin for the lining and a simple black cotton for the exterior.  I think my favourite part is the fastener.  The patch was purchased from Patch Palace ages ago, and is no longer available unfortunately.

My scarf, as well as the tie I made on the left, and the one I purchased from ebay on the right.
 My wand.  Completely handmade by me using a curtain rod, leather scraps, buttons, ribbon, some chain, my trusty glue gun and a dragon heartstring of course.  I fashioned it loosely after Draco Malfoy's wand from the films, with the dark handle and dark brown wand. 

Our costumes!

This was the smallest event I think I've been to like this, and it was really fun.  Potter fans are certainly a tight knit group.  I hope the fandom never dies.  Next weekend is FanExpo!  I'll be going on the Sunday and wearing an old lolita outfit.  My main plan of action is getting Tom Felton's autograph.  Hope to see some of you cool dudes there.