Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Veggie Trays!

Today was a busy day at work.  Made a lot of veggie trays.  I took some photos because I thought they were pretty :).  Even at my part time job I take any excuse to be crafty that I can.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anime North 2012

So it's been a couple of weeks since Anime North, but I'm finally getting down to writing my after con report.  I had a slightly different experience this year in that I focused far more on cosplay than ever before.

Friday was a bit hectic.  Because of the sheer amount of pre-registrations the lineup to get in was crazy long.  It was also really really hot out.  Hopefully next year they increase the amount of people at the check in desk or something.

Friday I wore my King Kazma cosplay from the anime film Summer Wars. Mad props go out to Jen for taking awesome photos of my cosplay!

Friday evening was mainly walking around and exploring the con layout.  Then the Nominoichi which is possibly my favourite thing to go to at AN.  I bought a lot for really cheap.  We actually crashed pretty late Friday after eating the usual coffee pot noodles.

Saturday I put on my Falco Lombardi cosplay, which I also wore to the masquerade.  It was a new experience for me full of lots of waiting and anticipation, a quick rush, but I'm still planning to participate next year.  Met lots of new people in the green room and saw some pretty amazing stuff.  The caliber of costuming at AN has really picked up.  Here's some photos of the costume and a couple with a Fox McCloud I ran into.

I ended up winning best Novice props in the masquerade!  I'm pretty proud since I put a lot of work into my gun, holster, and reflector shield.  I was in the same den as the winner of the whole competition - the Cheshire cat.  Really awesome work all around.

Here's some photos I took of other cosplayers at the con, mostly from Sunday.


Good job everyone!  Some great costumes this year, though not as many walking around while I was.  Thanks to everyone for letting me take their photo (especially if I didn't ask due to my mask).
Next stop Fan Expo Canada!