Thursday, July 7, 2011

Window art by me!

Yesterday morning I got up at a ridiculous hour to go in and paint the windows at Chapters North London, to help promote the Harry Potter party they'll be hosting there on July 13, 7-9pm.  I worked from 5am to about 2:30pm and these are the results.  Basically the goal was to make the front entrance look like the gates of Hogwarts.  This was my first time ever painting windows, so it was an interesting experience.  Sorry for the glare!  The windows were in direct sunlight almost the whole day!

A flying boar!


I also painted the house animals on a window to the right, Hufflepuff came out looking the best to my chagrin!

I'll definitely be at the party as well as the midnight opening for the film, dressed up in my Slytherin gear.  Costume photos to come!