Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween just around the corner, and some art!

I've been working on a costume for Halloween lately.  After a little bit of thought I chose to go as Rupert the Bear.  I grew up watching this show, and every so often the theme pops into my head to this day.  On top of that, his outfit is rather simplistic, and stylish to boot!  If you don't know who Rupert is, check out the TV intro here:

If it still isn't ringing a bell, go watch the show, because it's great.  Thus far I've finished the cowl, purchased the sweater and the pants are on their way.  I think it's pretty managable before the big day :).

Other stuff in the works: 
Falco Cosplay - 5% done
Rei Ayanami Cosplay - 60% done (some alterations left and minor costume additions)
Thor Cosplay - 0% planned (for the Avengers movie)
Sewer Urchin (the Tick) - 0% planned (for FanExpo 2012)

I recently purchased two new wigs for my falco and rei cosplays, can't wait to wear them to an event!

And last night I randomly got the urge to draw, so I put it to use on a contest entry for Con-G!  They were looking for an image of their mascot, Kon, and I can never resist drawing a dragon.  Here's both versions, with and without the logo.  The winner gets a free con pass and artist alley table.  As my only other selling experience was at FanExpo, I'd like to see what a smaller con is like!

I've got some other art pieces in the works as well, hopefully the next couple weeks prove to be productive!

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