Monday, April 16, 2012

Falco Cosplay Progress 2.0: The Sewing

In my last post I only showed finished props, but in this everything is still in progress!  I'm not a big fan of sewing, and as such almost all of this is either incomplete or needs some adjustments.  The following image shows some of the other materials I have including the fabrics for Falco's scarf and mask ties, the leathery fabric I'm using for his gun holster as well as the straps, and a simple brown belt I picked up at Talize.

Next up is his jacket.  It's very incomplete.  Still needs the collar and sleeves which involve quite a lot of pattern changes and interfacing etc.  I love the white fabric.  It's leather like in appearance but silky to the touch and lightweight.  The lining fabric is a nice pale smooth grey, which matches the dark grey fabric I'll be putting on the front/back exterior.

The jumpsuit is almost complete but I'm unhappy with much of it so I'll be changing a few things around.  It needs some tweaking in the sides, length and so on. I do like the fabric, it changes with the light!

And I tend to sprawl with my mess when I'm working on something.  This photo only shows a fraction of my mess...I'm sure it will only get worse!

When my King Kazma wig arrives in the mail I'll take photos of that as well as the vest I've purchased in laziness for that cosplay!  May approaches ever so quickly, wish me luck!

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