Sunday, May 15, 2011

11 days and counting!

Under two weeks left now and still a fair amount to do on my costume.  However I finished the scarf today quite quickly except for my struggle with the ends.  Here it is modeled by Theodore.

I also finally finished the sixth scroll last night.  The small ones are made from toilet paper rolls, and the big on a paper towel roll.  Other materials include scrunched up newsprint, packing tape, bottle caps, clothes pins, fabric, ribbon, acrylic, and gesso.  All in all they were inexpensive to make, and are very light.  I plan on hanging the small ones from my pant legs, and the large one across my back.  I also hand painted in the kanji on all of them...the represent the elements featured in naruto.

I made a trip to Value Village yesterday as well and picked up a turtle neck, which I ripped the sleeves off of and hemmed to make the basic anbu undershirt, as well as black long shorts, and this chain belt (2 bucks!):

The vest is a work in progress still, but the fabric and batting is cut and I plan on sewing it together tonight.  Other things left to make include: lower leg wraps, one upper thigh wrap, the sword (needs a paint job), a sword holster, kunai holsters/leg pouch, and ties for my mask.  This is definitely the most prop heavy costume I've ever made.

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