Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leg Wraps and Wig Test

I have mostly nitpicky small things left to do for this cosplay, and these leg wraps were no exception.  Unfortunately I'm mildly handicapped when it comes to using scissors to cut straight, so I had a few mishaps in terms of consistant size.  Also turning everything inside out really sucks when you have something 1cm wide.  I will probably need a couple safety pins to keep these up during the day but that's okay!

This leg wrap is something all anbu seem to have, so I made it and decked it out a bit more because, well it wouldn't be me if I didn't add something weird to it.  Not sure if I'll actually end up wearing it....I really should have made it slightly bigger but oh well.  The shorts here were a six dollar purchase from Value Village, which saved me from having to sew something similar.

And finally I managed to get my mask ready to wear, so I figured I'd do a wig/mask placement test.  I think it all looks pretty good together.  Love the wig so much, but I'll have to be careful to hide my hair at the bottom back as it's definitely made for a slightly smaller head, it'd be perfect if I had less hair. 

With some whisker scars and makeup it'll be super cool! :)

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