Friday, May 13, 2011

More Cosplay Progress....:D

I promised sandals next and here they are.  I used a tutorial for this since I generally struggle most with cosplay footwear.  I think these turned out pretty good, probably my best homemade shoes ever :).  I added some extra decor - the fabric on the back and ribbon around the sides to help them go with my costume more.

Also made the arm guards!  I had no idea how to approach these, but I just ended up pulling out some craft foam and my spray adhesive and putting it all together.  I coated my foot with glue while working on them since I'm incredibly clumsy when it comes to crafting...and well glue is probably my mortal enemy.  After putting the chains on I really found I liked the way they looked!

And finally I whipped up this little ninja pouch and belt just today.  Made a pattern for the bag from scratch and then had lots of fun decorating it.  I honestly didn't think it'd turn out quite as well as it did.  The belt was a bit hard to do, because of the nature of the fabric.  It frays like mad...not looking forward to making the vest particularly.

And finally I purchased this replica of Naruto's necklace given to him by Tsunade on Ebay.  It was the one item I felt necessary that I also had no desire to make.  It would never have the luminous quality I was looking for. 

I've also made some ninja scrolls with the elements on them, but I wont post a photo until I've finished all of them!  Anime North is two weeks today!  Hope I manage to get everything done!

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