Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gloves, Kunai, and a Sneak Peak! :P

I had no idea how to approach these.  I sat around for a while looking at photos of what other people had done, but still had no idea.  I didn't want them to be too squishy, or too lumpy.  I eventually got fed up and grabbed an old amazon box, some duct tape, gesso, paint and went at it.  This is the result.  The shape is off slightly, but I don't mind too much. :P

 I hate making gloves!  Usually they end up too tight around the fingers and too long at the ends, with lots of weird bunches around the middle.  Thankfully this fabric is elastic, and allows for stretch, and I cut the fingers off so I didn't have to worry about the ends.  I still ended up royally screwing up one glove and having to start over.  Because of the nature of the fabric it's impossible to rip out seams.  My favourite part as always was the detailing.  Hand painted the konoha symbol and added some knuts for good measure :)

 And here's a sneak peak at my vest so far.  Not much to look at I know!  This has been a pain and a half as well...I'm half using a tutorial, so I've gone and stuffed it with batting, but the batting is a pain, and the fabric is a pain, so together, it's a big pain.  hopefully worth the suffering in the end.  Plus the poofyness sorta hides my chest.  A little bit.  Binding has been unsuccessful, I've only managed to decrease by one cup size.  Hopefully no one thinks I'm supposed to be a female Naruto :S. 

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